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Townhall held on lifting Georgia’s ban on Rent Control

20 hours ago

(ATLANTA, Ga.) — There are so many factors that contribute to the average American’s decision on where to live, but one of the biggest is how expensive the rent is.

Some say, it’s time to lift the 39-year-old ban on rent control in the state of Georgia.

WSB’s Tina Douglas reports that last year, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the United States rose 9%, to $1,993. Two bedrooms are even higher, to $2477.

A grassroots attempt to pass legislation on rent control in the Georgia General Assembly made it to the Senate, but failed to pass. One group of Georgia activists are holding a townhall to bring attention to the issue.

“Yes, there’s been inflation, but there’s also been massive corporate profit. The price of rent has absolutely just skyrocketed,” says Jacob Dallas-Main, with the Party for Socialism & Liberation.

He says the ban has made cities like Atlanta nigh-unlivable for the average worker, turning them into playgrounds for the rich. “No restrictions on how much they can raise the rent. They say you know, you can move, if you can’t pay it.”

The townhall took place Saturday July 8, from 1-4pm, at 561 McLendon Avenue NE.

WSB’s Tina Douglas contributed to reporting for this story.

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