Otherwise it will be discarded as a form letter instead of an honest expression of your opinion.

Notes to Email sender:

  1. Make your email short – no more than one page.
  2. Spell-check your letter.
  3. Add a sentence about who you are (a small-time landlord, investor, or property owner).
  4. Make specific reference to your community (We rent out affordable housing to folks near the Atlanta airport.)
  5. Be polite and say “I urge you to consider” as opposed to “I demand action.”
  6. Thank them for their service to this district and this community.
  7. Personalize whenever possible.
  8. Change the wording to make this sound like YOUR personal opinions rather than mine.
  9. PLEASE do not just paste and copy this sample. Make it your own!
  10. For maximum effectiveness, call after you send email and leave a message for the elected official.


Dear Senator _________ ,Thank you for your service to our district.  

We are MOM & POP landlords who try to provide clean, decent, affordable housing in and near DeKalb County.  We urge you to consider our positions on key pieces of legislation that may impact small-time landlords who are approaching our retirement.

1.  We SUPPORT House Bill 1203 (Off-Duty Officers for Set Outs)

HB 1203 authorizes landlords to use off-duty sheriffs, constables, marshals, and other POST-certified law enforcement officers to execute writs of possession if the marshal, sheriff, or constable does not execute within 14 days of the application.  This is common-sense legislation designed to end the logjam of evictions that currently exists in certain counties in Georgia, including DeKalb & Fulton.

2.  We SUPPORT House Bill 1017 (Squatter Reform Act)

HB 1017 addresses the issue of squatters through the criminal trespass code.  This allows police to take action directly under certain conditions.  It also contains language to create a new offense related to false or fraudulent lease or rental agreements. NO MORE FREE RIDES for SQUATTERS!

3.  We OPPOSE House Bill 404 (Safe At Home Act)

HB 404 makes several anti-landlord changes in the GA Landlord Tenant statute, including [a] adding “cooling” to the list of utilities that the landlord must make available;  [b] limiting security deposits to no more than two months’ rent, and [c] creating a new three-business day right to cure, posted on the door, and sent by terms agreed to in the lease.  

4.  We OPPOSE House Bill 1313 (Clayton County Eviction Mediation Fee)

HB 1313 authorizes the assessment and collection of a $5 “eviction mediation program fee” on all dispossessory filings in the Magistrate Court of Clayton County. While this proposal applies only to Clayton County, it sets a disturbing and anti-landlord trend in Georgia law.  Owners should NOT have to subsidize “eviction mediation” efforts of court appointed mediators, etc.

Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed a steady erosion of private property rights in Georgia.  We urge you to help us to continue providing clean, decent and affordable housing in the local community.  More and more restrictions are weighing heavily on the backs of small-time landlords who invested in housing as part of our retirement.

Thanking you again for your service to our community, we are

Sincerely yours,

John & Marjorie Adams
1234Peachtree Street Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30123

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